The Burnt Orange Heresy

Director: Giuseppe Capotondi
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 2.0

Art collector Cassidy (the legendary Mr. Mick Jagger) recruits unscrupulous critic James Figueras (Claes Bang) - who's been fooling around with a disgraced schoolteacher (Elizabeth Debicki) - to interview a reclusive painter (Donald Sutherland) and snag one of his "final works."  It seems to want to be a philosophical novel (the source text is by Charles Willeford) for a good two-thirds of its running time, with scenes stopping dead so its characters can muse on things like the value of art and "truth" ("A mask can be a perilous thing. When I take mine off at night, another waits beneath") before eventually - and it does take quite a while - putting itself in drive for a relatively more engaging third act.  It's a rare opportunity to see Jagger acting - the last 'large' role he had was in 2001's The Man from Elysian Fields - and there's super talented Debicki, whose character chooses the wrong time to worry about morality....