Wake in Fright

Director: Ted Kotcheff
Year Released: 1971
Rating: 3.0

Elementary school teacher John Grant (Gary Bond) goes to the (fictitious) town of "The Yabba" on Christmas holiday and proceeds to: win money - and then lose it all - on a strange coin flip game, have a failed sexual encounter with a woman (Sylvia Kay), have a successful sexual encounter with a man (Donald Pleasance), get impossibly drunk, fist-fight a kangaroo and attempt suicide.  I'm not sure if the term "toxic masculinity" was used in the early 70's, but this is a perfect example of that: white men guzzling booze incessantly, having zero respect for women or nature or private property - a caricature of Australian "machismo."  For the most part, it's an intense journey into depravity ... and while I do respect what it's trying to do (else the inclusion of animals being killed would have completely alienated me), the "point" gets made well before the ending, so you're left watching grown men behaving like pigs.  I bet that first day back behind the desk alive and sober felt a lot different....