Whistle Down the Wind

Director: Bryan Forbes
Year Released: 1961
Rating: 1.5

In a barn where young Kathy (Hayley Mills) and her siblings are keeping kittens, they find a man (Alan Bates) sleeping there and they become convinced he's Jesus Christ, but he's really a murderer on the lam.  The plot is downright ludicrous - these have to be the slowest and most gullible kids of all time - and Forbes does his best to take the youngsters (and the situation) as seriously as possible (Mills' mother wrote the source text) but there is only enough material in there to fill, at best, a short film - the rest is pure bloat.  If you don't laugh when Hayley hands Bates a photo of the actual Son of God and says "It's you!" we'll probably never get along in real life.