Eaten Alive

Director: Tobe Hooper
Year Released: 1976
Rating: 0.5

A mumbling, grumbling loon named Judd (Neville Brand) runs a hotel where the 'guests' are fed to a "crocodile from Africa" - it seems like a bad business model, but who am I to judge?  This is absolutely bottom-basement garbage, but I'm sure it has a cult following somewhere: the characters are all totally bananas, and Hooper uses every opportunity he can to get his actresses undressed.  To go from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - which I consider one of the greatest horror movies ever made - to this isn't just a step down, it's a plunge off a rather steep cliff face first.  From the Dept. of Things You'd Rather Not Know: regarding the title, there is a sexual fantasy out there called vorarephilia (abbreviated vore) which involves being consumed by another "person or creature" either whole or chewed up.  I do not recommend doing a search for this at work....