The Tamarind Seed

Director: Blake Edwards
Year Released: 1974
Rating: 2.0

Soviet military officer Feodor (Omar Sharif) "aggressively romances" Judith (Julie Andrews) - who works for the British Home Office - on vacation in Barbados, except this is all during the Cold War and neither government is happy about their relationship, with agents following them everywhere they go.  I normally associate Edwards with strictly light comedies (Breakfast at Tiffany's being a great one) which helps him a little with the romantic angle - and both cynical atheist Sharif and optimistic Andrews are fine performers - but he's not so great with international intrigue: the movie lacks the suspense and urgency to keep pushing it forward (real life spy craft - according to some - can be quite mundane, but the movies tend to glam it up).  There's a shootout at the conclusion that's downright ridiculous (it could have easily been in Kentucky Fried Movie), and the "bad guy" (Dan O'Herlihy) is not only a double agent but a closeted homosexual: because obviously anyone from the West that's a Secret Commie simply has to be hiding so many things....