Made in Italy

Director: James D'Arcy
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 1.0

On the verge of divorce (the best route, really) and running the risk of losing the art gallery his soon-to-be ex-wife owns, Jack (Micheál Richardson) gets his artist father Robert (Liam Neeson) to "fix up" their terribly run-down Italian villa in order to sell it for much needed capital.  It's impossible to talk about this without mentioning that, with Liam and Micheál being real-life father and son and having experienced the tragic death of Natasha Richardson in a skiing accident, all it amounts to a filmed therapy session as the two characters have random fights about how Robert mishandled the passing of his spouse, with plenty of bad dialogue ("It's like you literally locked up all my memories!" and "You never let me in!") that should have stayed behind closed doors (and billed by the hour).  Otherwise, it's bland romance-in-the-country material, with Jack actually falling over at a restaurant and an actual angel (Valeria Bilello) appearing above him to stuff his weary heart with risotto.  Ciao bella, etc.