Director: Paul Solet
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 3.0

Marv Heemeyer, a welder by trade, moved to the tiny - and close knit - town of Granby, Colorado to start a muffler business - at first he was successful and had snowmobile buddies and a girlfriend, but some of the more powerful members of city council (particularly the Thompson clan) started messing with him (by charging him for a sewage line, by allowing a cement company to open right next door) so he custom modified a Komatsu bulldozer to plow over everything in sight.  Without Heemeyer's audio testimonial - which was, in effect, his suicide note - this wouldn't have worked: they provide his side (the 'unreasonable' one) of the story (he claims God 'told him' to do it) while the still-living residents all seem to rattle off the same defense and act surprised that he snapped.  Heemeyer was clearly tweaked but Solet doesn't bother bringing in psychoanalysts to 'explain' anything (although he does note that Marv liked the Vin Diesel movie A Man Apart): it's just a clearly presented documentary about how petty small town politics can be ... and how there are some people you probably shouldn't toy with.