Yes, God, Yes

Director: Karen Maine
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 2.0

In the late 90's, innocent (but curious) Alice (Natalia Dyer) goes on an internet chat forum, has a racy conversation with a stranger and starts to get feelings "down there"; back in her Catholic school, nasty rumors are being spread about her and a male student that even the faculty believe.  Don't get me wrong, some of this is very funny (in a puerile way) and Dyer's a very underrated actress (most people should be familiar with her as Nancy on Stranger Things), but mocking a Catholic retreat - and all of its hypocrisy - is just too easy a move, and the middle of the movie sags: it was based on a short film and that seems to be the proper format for the "accept your desires" message.  I like how Alice's worldview is turned around by accidentally stepping into a lesbian bar where a wizened Susan Blackwell lays down some facts, drives her back to Jesus Camp and doesn't lick her face.