The Chambermaid

Director: Lila Avil├ęs
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 1.5

Hotel maid Eve (Gabriela Cartol) - who is twenty-four and has a child (who is never shown) - wants more out of life than to clean up bathrooms or babysit guests' children, so she takes GED classes (which later get cancelled) and hopes to get a promotion to work a different floor (she doesn't, but she does get a red dress someone lost and never looked for).  This follows a trend I've noticed of films that think they're character studies but present little to examine (this isn't a novel): Eve gives a lot of one word responses and stares blankly, and Avilés presents almost nothing about her background or her interests (I guess she likes books?) or much else about her (she has one out-of-character moment, where she puts on a show for the window washer, but that could be a fantasy).  I hate repeating myself, so I'll say it en español: la vaguedad no es igual a la complejidad.