Above Suspicion

Director: Phillip Noyce
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 0.0

In order to infiltrate and stop a group of bank robbers in Kentucky - led by Cash (Johnny Knoxville) - newbie Federal Bureau of Incompetence agent Putnam (Jack Huston) gets Susan (Emilia Clarke) to snitch on them ... and then he has an affair with her, and then she really becomes controlling and manipulative.  Any movie that makes the Feds look like sociopathic monsters I should naturally be supportive of, but this is utterly atrocious (even by genre fiction standards), with piss-poor storytelling, an abuse of slow motion effects and lousy voice-over ("That's the way the Devil comes ... how don't come to you as evil ... he don't come to you as fire").  I never bought the relationship between Clarke and Huston - although everyone in this is a louse - but Ms. Emilia really does nail that Southern accent.  Those British actresses, I swear....