Director: André De Toth
Year Released: 1948
Rating: 3.0

Fed up with his middle class existence, which includes a pretty wife (Jane Wyatt), a precocious son and a stable job, insurance man John Forbes (Dick Powell) decides to risk it all when he has an affair with no-good Mona (Lizabeth Scott) ... whose boyfriend is in jail (for embezzling) and a private detective (Raymond Burr) is stalking her.  It's a guilt-ridden affair - like so many noirs - in which Powell's character tries to do everything to avoid telling his wife his "slip up," but in doing so he places his life and the life of his family at risk (he eventually has to confess, and in the end is "condemned to be free").  It isn't flashy - or all that unique, really - but it is an efficient and clean production.  Fun fact: I worked for an insurance company for a few months and not once went for a boat ride with a dangerous blonde ... perhaps I should have stayed longer?