City Girl

Director: F.W. Murnau
Year Released: 1930
Rating: 2.5

Lem Tustine (Charles Farrell) gets sent by his farmer parents back in Blair, Minnesota to the Chicago Board of Trade to sell their wheat for a certain price, except he's not able to secure that exact amount and he brings home burned-out waitress Kate (Mary Duncan) that he wed in secret which majorly upsets his tyrannical father (David Torrence).  This is the second to last feature Murnau shot - before dying tragically young in 1931 - and while it's a lovely looking movie (it was shot in Oregon, not the Land of 10,000 Lakes and Little Houses) it was allegedly butchered by Fox, which explains why it's such an uneven and not entirely satisfying romantic film (the Father finally learns his lesson by almost killing his son).  You have to love the fanciful logic of the cinema: Lem was convinced Kate was "the one" based on a fortune telling machine that also tells you your weight....