The Bitter Tea of General Yen

Director: Frank Capra
Year Released: 1933
Rating: 2.0

Missionaries about to be married, Dr. Strike (Gavin Gordon) and Megan Davis (Barbara Stanwyck), have their wedding postponed when Strike goes to save some Chinese orphans, leaving tyrant General Yen (Nils Asther ... a Swede) to kidnap her and try to make her fall in love with him (inexplicably she does, but at first has a dream about him where he's Nosferatu).  As irritated as I am with China right now (this is July 2020), the chatter about them is not exactly friendly - "they're all tricky, treacherous and amoral," they're "yellow swine," "human life is the cheapest thing" to them, etc. - and the movie is not very engaging until the very end when General Yen - who's basically a caricature - has his money, province and army taken from him because of Megan ... and then he forgives her before committing suicide (just like in real life!).  Walter Connolly's drunken American financier has a nice speech to conclude it, but the rest of it strains plausibility.