Father's Little Dividend

Director: Vincente Minnelli
Year Released: 1951
Rating: 2.0

Sequel to Father of the Bride has Spencer Tracy's All-American Father going through a personal crisis when he finds out his daughter (Elizabeth Taylor) is pregnant and he's about to become a grandfather.  It has all the weight and appeal of a hokey sitcom with its shows stitched together, going from "In-Laws in a Power Struggle" to "Accusations of Cheating" to "Baby Dislikes Grandpa" to "Grandpa Loses Baby and Has to Talk to the Cops."  Tracy is good - I could have done without the voice-over - and so is Joan Bennett as Grandma, but I could have used a little more Liz in there for balance.  Also, isn't it odd comparing a grandchild to a payment made to shareholders: diapers and shoes are expensive and you're not seeing a reimbursement anytime soon....