Bad Sister

Director: Hobart Henley
Year Released: 1931
Rating: 0.5

Businessman Mr. Madison (Charles Winninger) has two daughters, good Laura (Bette Davis) and not-so-good Marianne (Sidney Fox), so when Marianne gets involved with the unscrupulous Valentine (Humphrey Bogart, looking very young), she tries to convince her Pop to invest in whatever shady deal Valentine's proposing.  For most of the running time - and it's a trim one hour long - almost nothing of substance happens, and even when something 'dramatic' comes down (Marianne forging a letter), it still doesn't register on the emotional scale (it unjustly grants Fox's character a somewhat happy ending, which she doesn't deserve in the slightest).  Its sole claim to fame is that it marks the debut of Ms. Davis (she allegedly walked out of the premiere), whose protruding eyeballs could devour Conrad Nagel whole.