Vérité, La

Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot
Year Released: 1960
Rating: 2.0

Hotsy-totsy Dominique (Brigitte Bardot) leads a very ... casual lifestyle, sharing the bed with many partners but when she's put on trial for the murder of her former lover, members of the court slut-shame her and she has a breakdown.  As if making it a two hour court room drama wasn't enough of patience tester - Clouzot does all right but was better suited for other genres - the endless boy-girl bickering really makes it agonizing to watch and listen to (just like it is in real life, especially if you've ever been in a similar relationship).  The movie's point, about how you shouldn't make a public spectacle of someone's personal life (which is theirs to choose), is easy to accept, but what isn't is how Dominique clearly needed hospitalization - she's either bi-polar or borderline - and deserves zero pity for being a murderer (her alibi is laughable).