You Should Have Left

Director: David Koepp
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 0.0

Theo (Kevin Bacon), a wealthy banker, and his much younger actress wife Susanna (Amanda Seyfried) go on a week-long retreat with their daughter to a house in Wales which contains a spooky scary ghost that resembles a sweaty farmer.  If you take a look at Koepp's filmography it's filled with more blunders (Secret Window, Mortdecai, 2017's The Mummy) than hits (Carlito's Way), and this falls in with the worst of them: I had a suspicion I was in for a bad time when it began with a dream-within-a-dream (ugh) and then used the little girl for plot exposition (where she asks her mother super direct questions) while Bacon's character writes things in his journal like "When does it end!" (a valid question, surely).  The "twist" is so idiotic one might be tempted to press one's palms into one's eye sockets and yell into a pillow (which I almost did) ... so let's end this on a positive note and say John Pawson, the real-life architect of the the Life House in Llanbister, should be given a warm round of applause.