The Night Clerk

Director: Michael Cristofer
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 0.5

Hotel clerk Bart (Tye Sheridan) - who the movie says has Asperger syndrome - spies on the guests at his establishment, but when one of them gets murdered, he gets looked at suspiciously by Detective Espada (John Leguizamo); when back on the job at another location, he gets chummy with a guest (Ana de Armas) who is having an affair.  I'm sure Cristofer - who gleefully embellished as Price on Mr. Robot - 'means well' in trying to depict someone with autism 'accurately,' but in this particular case it's entirely too 'actorly' and doesn't 'ring true' ... and then there's the plot itself, which is so loaded with contrivances you have to wonder if it was written by a hack or someone who was once awarded a Pulitzer.  Sheridan's creep has longer conversations with De Armas than I've had with neighbors I've lived next to for twenty years.