Zorro, the Gay Blade

Director: Peter Medak
Year Released: 1981
Rating: 3.0

Upon hearing his late father had a double identity as Zorro, the masked crusader, bon vivant Don Diego Vega (George Hamilton) takes over the role in order to thwart tax-collecting Esteban (Ron Leibman, overacting in the most charming way possible) and win the beautiful Charlotte (Lauren Hutton), which much-needed assistance from his not-exactly-heterosexual brother Bunny Wigglesworth (Hamilton again).  I enjoyed this a lot as a kid (thanks again, New York TV), but was afraid it wouldn't hold up over time and be painfully homophobic, but it's actually quite a silly, intentionally dumb treat - Hamilton has a good deal of fun mincing it up, but the truth is that Bunny, despite being flamboyant (those outfits!) is a brave and reliable character who helps save the day (bravo to Medak for being so progressive).  Bunny also provides the audience with life advice: "There is no shame in being poor, only in dressing poorly."