I Vinti

Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
Year Released: 1953
Rating: 2.0

Three stories - in three different cities - all about young men committing murder: in France a braggart gets killed for his money by his "friends," in Italy a cigarette smuggling ring gets busted and one of the criminals goes on the run (and shoots someone) and in England a sketchy wannabe poet "finds" a dead body in the woods and calls a newspaper (not the police) in order to do the write-up.  As one might expect there's that trademark Antonioni "distance" in the first two tales where people do bad things and that's that - no further explanation, no extraneous details, etc. - but the third piece is uncharacteristically verbose (if predictable from the first two minutes in), since the central character is a chatterbox who's more than a little touched in the head (he's trying to impress a woman who wants nothing to do with him).  Though not one of the director's stronger efforts, I'd rather watch it on a 24-hour loop than ever see Red Desert again.