Profound Desires of the Gods

Director: Shohei Imamura
Year Released: 1968
Rating: 1.0

Mr. Kariya (Kazuo Kitamura), an engineer from Tokyo, goes to Kurage Island to figure out how to get water to a sugar mill, but his efforts are continuously interrupted by a group of local savages, including a manic lusty woman and her brother who is chained to the bottom of a well (because when freed he uses dynamite to poach fish).  In typical Imamura fashion, there are long moments of excruciating tedium punctuated by scenes of people behaving in hysterical ways, and the portrait of women isn't what you'd call flattering (although the men don't come across much better) ... and as an added bonus, you get all this stretched out for a punishing three hours.  Historians might find more to unearth from it than a Westerner like myself, but it doesn't take a Ph.D. to tell you that incest is very bad and too much superstition can be crippling.