The Rhythm Section

Director: Reed Morano
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 1.0

Stephanie Patrick (Blake Lively), a drug-addicted prostitute who is unable to emotionally recover from the death of her family members in a plane crash, is approached by a journalist who tells her the plane was bombed by terrorists; later, she meets - and is trained by - former MI6 officer Boyd (Jude Law) into becoming a super-assassin ... in just a couple of months!  No offence to Lively or Law, but this is a very poor facsimile of a Robert Ludlam thriller that was left out in the pouring rain and then chewed up and devoured by vermin: it's all been done before and by other people and with much more creativity and verve.  Too often it seems to skip over relevant information and the next thing you know, Stephanie's in some new place and it's never clear how she got there, and I suspect there was either judicious trimming or production problems ... or just plain bad writing.