The Devil Bat

Director: Jean Yarbrough
Year Released: 1940
Rating: 1.5

Chemist Dr. Carruthers (Bela Lugosi), enraged that his fragrances have made a local company a million bucks (he was merely paid $5k - adjusted for inflation that's about $91k), creates a new "shaving lotion" and gets those associated with the business to splash it on ... which so happens to summon a giant flying mammal that eats jugulars.  Look, let's not pretend this is "good" in any particular way - the story is completely absurd and the "evil creature" looks like a flying car mat and sounds like an older woman on a rollercoaster - but if you can't take some sort of weird pleasure in seeing Lugosi twitch and glare with devious intent (he relishes that "good bye") I don't know what else to say.  The guy was a legend for a reason.