Director: Vaughn Stein
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 0.5

District Attorney Lauren Monroe (a badly miscast Lily Collins) receives, after her father Archer (Patrick Warburton) passes away, a USB stick with a video from her Dad instructing her to fish around the back yard for a bunker - inside that is a man (Simon Pegg, also out of his element) who has been chained up for thirty years and has a ton of dark information on her family.  No amount of suspension of disbelief can possibly get anyone to take this even a little seriously - it's just so poorly thought out and plotted - and on top of the countless logical errors, the dialogue sounds like it came out of cheap genre fiction ("Even for a lawyer, Harold, you're a goddamn snake in the grass!," "Stop asking questions you don't want answers to," etc.).  If you can stick through it to the end - it'll be tough - you're treated to a move out of The Usual Suspects playbook, only less charming.  Also: I'm no expert, but I'm fairly certain you don't pronounce "Gauloises" like "Gruyère" the way Pegg's character does ... it's just another mistake in a movie full of them.