The Wrong Missy

Director: Tyler Spindel
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 2.0

Stuffy banker Tim (David Spade) goes on a blind date with obnoxious Missy (Lauren Lapkis) that ends with him breaking his ankle - later on, when he's supposed to go on a work retreat, he intends to invite the ravishing blonde woman (Molly Sims) he met in an airport, but instead texts Missy to go along.  Netflix has this billed as a "late night comedy" - meaning, don't expect a lot - and granted one can overlook the way-too-familiar setup - first he hates her, then he grows to like her, then she finds out that he trash-talked her on his phone and leaves, causing him to chase after her - I found some of it to be reasonably funny (the shadow play, the "three-way" gone bad, Nick Swardson just being himself) and Missy's aggressive goofiness ("Hellstar!") grew on me as it progressed.  It's not the pinnacle of comedy, but again, if you watch it half-sleepy, it might get a chuckle or three out of you.