The Killer That Stalked New York

Director: Earl McEvoy
Year Released: 1950
Rating: 1.5

Following a trip from Cuba, Sheila (Evelyn Keyes), who smuggled in diamonds for her husband (Charles Korvin), also seems to have brought something else back: smallpox, and every person she comes in close contact with seems to get sick, which makes the authorities run around to find her.  I found this B-movie in the "recommended for you" side panel on YouTube, probably because it's about an epidemic and, at the present time, we're all in quarantine (due to the spread of coronavirus) and it's not quite terrible enough for Reefer Madness-type mockery, although it is pretty amateurish (and seems like a PSA for infectious diseases).  I like how, even in 1950, they knew a percentage of the population would be against a vaccine (just read up on how stubborn anti-vaxxers are if you weren't already aware).