All Day and a Night

Director: Joe Robert Cole
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 1.0

Angry young Jahkor (Ashton Sanders) kills a man and his girlfriend in front of their little girl, and then the rest of the movie tries to (poorly) explain what led him to that point ... and the answer is: Like Father Like Son.  I know Cole's trying to "keep it real" with this depiction of struggles for African Americans who come from bad neighborhoods - and places like Detroit and Chicago and Oakland (where this takes place) - but it comes across like a two hour rap video, featuring every single element from that genre of music (drugs, side-hoes, evil cops, etc.).  What also doesn't work in its favor is that Jahkor says very little, looks pissed the whole time and is basically a sociopath - same could be said for his father JD (the great Jeffrey Wright) but at least JD is a fascinating and charismatic criminal (the movie should have been about him).