Director: Alan Yang
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 0.5

An older man named Grover (Tzi Ma), when he's not driving around the daughter (Christine Ko) he never quite got along with or eating by himself, is having constant flashbacks to his early life in Taiwan with his Mother (he even worked at the same company as her) and leaving the girl he loved (Joan Chen as an adult) in order to marry the wrong woman and move to the United States.  I'm not sure what the intention was (pure nostalgia?) but it's agonizingly stiff: after the first few times Ma stares off into the void it's abundantly clear He Has Regrets ... and that's all he basically amounts to as a person.  As if what preceded it wasn't joyless enough, Yang writes in another cliché: having Grover take his daughter to where he grew up (to bond) and seeing that his old house is in shambles (all that's missing is the revolver to the temple).