A Swedish Love Story

Director: Roy Andersson
Year Released: 1970
Rating: 1.0

During the good ol' Summer of 1969, Pär (Rolf Sohlman), who imagines himself a 'bad ass' with his leather jacket and cigarettes, sees - and becomes enamored with - Annika (Ann-Sofie Kylin) ... and while their initial courtship is rocky, they eventually fall for each other (elsewhere, almost every adult is totally miserable).  It's a very surface-level treatment of love, with little revealed about the characters' inner lives, and I'm not sure why everyone just stares at each other for a long time without saying much of anything (the effect is irritating and alienating): Andersson is too enraptured with pretty faces and panty shots and blooming foliage to dig even a little deeper.  The insinuation that adulthood's nothing but torment (when not eating crawfish or drinking) and that the only opportunity for bliss is as a dumb teenager is misguided and ignorant.