Director: Brandon Cronenberg
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 0.5

In a futuristic scenario, Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough) - who works for a corrupt organization run by Girder (Jennifer Jason Leigh) - "enters" other peoples' heads via some sort of cyber-implant and 'uses' their bodies to execute rivals.  Whereas many young people try to not be their parents, Cronenberg fils is foolishly attempting to replicate what his father accomplished, and the truth is he's nowhere in the same galaxy talent-wise: the set-up is intriguing (Leigh was in eXistenZ, which this is clearly a nod to), but he has no idea how to flesh a story out (no pun intended), develop his characters or even offer a scintilla explaining a little of the background as to what's taking place.  It's just a lot of flickering camera tricks and tracking shots of buildings (Cronenberg père just so happens to like the iciness of urban architecture) and close ups of gore (brains bleed, bodies are shot up), leading up to a frankly moronic conclusion.