Westfront 1918

Director: Georg Wilhelm Pabst
Year Released: 1930
Rating: 3.5

World War I film from Pabst - it was his first 'talking picture' - follows around German soldiers in the trenches getting bombed on a steady basis, but also shows a few of them off the battlefield enjoying a vaudeville-type show or catching their lover having an affair (and having enough self-control to not shoot the other man).  The WWI movie that gets the most attention is All Quiet on the Western Front, but this is an underrated gem, with Pabst adept at staging (for its time) claustrophobic action scenes and having the guts to admit, with his troops physically and psychologically in anguish, that the price paid for his country going to war was too high ... a moral not shared by the National Socialists.  Allegedly Joseph Goebbels hated this (according to Wikipedia), so that could only mean it's fantastic.