Director: Geoff Murphy
Year Released: 1983
Rating: 3.0

Upon discovering that his tribe was slaughtered by the British, Maori warrior Te Wheke (Anzac Wallace) gathers a guerrilla army and wages war against the colonizers (picture the New Zealand equivalent of Geronimo ... more or less).  It's surprisingly off-beat and given to moments of humor - to offset the graphic violence - despite the premise being a rather routine Revenge Plot - Te Wheke, with his moko (facial tattoos), is both ominous and yet still very human and surprisingly adept at sneak attacks and camouflage.  I was able to watch the extended Director's Cut and though I have no idea what was removed for the theatrical release, the extra twenty minutes should allow the viewer more time to take in the dark ambience and action before the sad (and unexpected) "trial" that concludes it.