Guns Akimbo

Director: Jason Lei Howden
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.0

Asthmatic "code monkey" Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) gets a little too much Keyboard Courage when trolling a dangerous online community called Skizm - which specializes in streaming live deathmatches - so they track his IP (he should have used seven proxies), show up at his home, beat him up, surgically attach pistols to both of his hands and force him go up against reigning killer Nix (Samara Weaving).  It "borrows" from other high-intensity shoot-'em-up movies (like Smokin' Aces and Hardcore Henry) and, naturally, video games (Doom) but it's so poorly thought out (Nix takes out everyone with ease but misses Miles a thousand times, Miles keeps forgetting to use his guns instead of running all the time) and excessively garish (spinning cameras!) that it loses much of the potential fun it could have had.  I've complained a lot about Radcliffe being miscast in several of his post-Harry Potter roles but he's mostly fine here; it could have used more Rhys Darby (best known as Murray from Flight of the Conchords) for precious comic relief.