Boeing, Boeing

Director: John Rich
Year Released: 1965
Rating: 3.0

Bernard (Tony Curtis), a writer living in Paris, thinks he can get away with dating three different airline stewardesses - Vicky (Suzanna Leigh) from British United, Lise (Christiane Schmidtmer) from Lufthansa and snippy Jacqueline (Dany Saval) from Air France - with much needed help from his maid Bertha (Thelma Ritter), but when his friend Robert (Jerry Lewis) appears and moves into his apartment, it becomes ... a little bit frantic.  It's a classic French bedroom farce that takes a while to get going - you have to wonder how the audience would react nowadays if it was a woman with three male pilots (you could call it Delta Delta ... no need to thank me) - but, after ignoring the absurdity of the setup, it legitimately becomes a madhouse with Curtis and Lewis in fine form, rapidly spitting out lies and frantically trying to keep the girls from noticing each other.  I know someone who tried juggling two women at once, and he ended up losing them both ... by the end of this, neither cad has learned their lesson (it was a different time).