Bucket of Blood, A

Director: Roger Corman
Year Released: 1959
Rating: 2.0

Dorky busboy Walter (Dick Miller), who works in a cafe known for its crowd of poetasters and other artistic wannabes, dreams of being a famous sculptor himself, so after he accidentally murders his own cat he smears it with plaster which is met by praise ... human "subjects" would come a little later.  This is clearly Corman deriding the hipsters/beatniks of the late 50's (an all-too easy move) and while it might not be the best example of satire (... or horror), it has an off-beat homemade charm about it: it was shot in only five days for only $50k and Miller seems to relish hamming it up as the naïve killer.  Here's a line that should hit home for many who chose the wrong major in college: "Yeah, you're a real artist now.  Go on back and scrub down those garbage cans."