Director: William Eubank
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 1.0

After an earthquake rocks an underwater drilling company, engineer Norah (Kristen Stewart) and the rest of her crew (including Vincent Cassel and T.J. Miller) try to escape to another facility called the Roebuck but little squiggly sea creatures keep attacking them.  It doesn't even bother with a first act or establishing its characters or anything remotely that - it goes straight into generic Aliens homage (complete with a "facehugger") and darting through places so cramped and dark you can't really tell what's happening (seriously, what is with the lighting in the movie?  Did the gaffer quit after the second day?).  Tacking on a message about environmental concerns is just laughable, but KStew ain't so bad in the Sigourney Weaver role (Eubank made sure the last couple of minutes were of her scantily dressed and soaking wet).