Rock-a-Bye Baby

Director: Frank Tashlin
Year Released: 1958
Rating: 2.5

Hollywood mega-star Carla Naples (Marilyn Maxwell) is distressed that she's pregnant with triplets (the father of the children, a bullfighter who looks like Jack Benny, is dead) and afraid it will ruin her career, so she comes up with a scheme to leave them with her bumbling childhood boyfriend Clayton (Jerry Lewis).  As with all Jerry Lewis movies, viewer discretion is advised - he's without question an acquired taste - and while some of the bits and one liners land, others (like fighting with a firehose or pretending to be on television) just go on and on and are never funny (although Lewis, who thought very highly of himself, would have disagreed).  The 'premise,' goofy as it is, is based on Preston Sturges' The Miracle of Morgan's Creek ... although even more implausible is Jerry's Mr. Mom continuously rejecting the advances of the beautiful Connie Stevens.