Run of the Arrow

Director: Samuel Fuller
Year Released: 1957
Rating: 2.0

Refusing to accept that the South lost the American Civil War, soldier O'Meara (Rod Steiger) abandons his own people and goes and lives with the Sioux Indians and gains their trust by cheating at a skills competition.  It requires, in my opinion, a major suspension of disbelief to think that the powerful Sioux would ever accept Steiger as one of their kind, and the 'internal struggle' O'Meara is supposedly going through as far as his allegiances are concerned doesn't pack much weight dramatically speaking (since it was made during the time of McCarthyism, Fuller might be suggesting you can be both a Communist and sympathetic to America).  Two endearing components: the scenery is lovely (it was shot in Utah) and it's amusing to watch Charles Bronson try to pass as a Native American.