House of Bamboo

Director: Samuel Fuller
Year Released: 1955
Rating: 3.0

After a train is robbed in post-WWII Japan, Army Investigator Eddie (Robert Stack) is sent out to infiltrate a gang run by an American, Sandy Dawson (Robert Ryan) ... oh, and along the way Eddie romances Mariko (Shirley Yamaguchi), a widow (after he slaps her around, unfortunately).  Shot in gorgeous Cinemascope by Joseph MacDonald, this is bright, atmospheric and respectful of its location (Fuller loved Japan), making it a fantastic opportunity to see Tokyo rebuilding itself ... and implying that certain Americans were being shameless opportunists (Dawson's gang owns multiple pachinko parlors).  It's also hard to say no to the pairing of prominent character actors Stack and Ryan - they're both so confident and cool and they make it look effortless.