The Last Thing He Wanted

Director: Dee Rees
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 0.0

An 'upstanding' reporter (Anne Hathaway), who likes to call politicians out on their lies and deceit, does one final favor for her sketchy (and dying) father (Willem Dafoe): take his place as a gunrunner and deliver weaponry to Central America.  Rees based this on the novel by Joan Didion (which I haven't read), and while Joan's been known to get a little fanciful with her narratives, there's a poor attempt at clarity, with a third act that only further muddles what transpired before it.  There's no compelling human reason presented as to why the Hathaway character would jeopardize not only her life or her career or her only daughter and what Ben Affleck's Ambassador is supposed to be doing is also not clear ... and then when it gets to Toby Jones back to playing Truman Capote, it plunges itself - and its lead - off the deep end.  Let me boil it down for anyone lost: the U.S. has a bad history of meddling with other countries, and its track record in Central and South America is atrocious.