Horse Girl

Director: Jeff Baena
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 0.0

A retail worker (Alison Brie) - who doesn't have the best social skills and is fascinated with horses and arts & crafts - starts having strange dreams involving people she never met before and becomes more and more frantic, convinced she has a clone.  I get that Baena and co-screenwriter  Brie are trying to be 'quirky' and try to do something 'different' than many indie movies, but what they end up doing is trivializing - even mocking - actual mental illness, with Brie having a similar moment as Kristen Wiig in Welcome to Me where she walks into her place of employment naked and confused.  You can't knock Brie's performance - she's fully committed - but it dodges a very real issue, mostly about what to do with people undergoing an emotional breakdown.  What it does have her character do is dress like her grandmother and steal a horse and float into the sky which, as everyone should know, is significantly better than proper care.