Taylor Swift: Miss Americana

Director: Lana Wilson
Year Released: 2020
Rating: 1.5

Faux-documentary about Ms. Swift's life from living in Reading, Pennsylvania to Superstar Status: her starting out in the country music genre, then moving to pop, then having Kanye West interrupt her on stage when she was trying to receive an award, then disappearing for a little bit, then coming back full force with her adorable cat and a new political bent.  Like Gaga's "unlimited backstage access" doc Five Foot Two from 2017, this functions more as an advertisement for a product than some pressing investigative piece: in her low moments (with Mr. West, in the courtroom, getting dissed on television) she's always the victim, although that plays into the new narrative being shaped around her (in one truthful moment, she talks about how female stars have to keep reinventing themselves while making people comfortable with the change: it's more PR work than actual artistry).  Don't get me wrong, I like some of her songs, but let's not pretend it gets us any closer to the "real" Taylor: her "boyfriend" gets pushed to the fringes ... and I didn't see Karlie Kloss anywhere (she may have still been at Terminal 5).