The Good Liar

Director: Bill Condon
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.5

While on Tinder-for-the-Older-Folks, Roy (Ian McKellen), an aging con man, matches with Betty (Helen Mirren) and the two start "dating" - with Betty's "grandson" Stephen (Russell Tovey) driving them around sometimes - but when Roy tries to rob Betty of her million-plus pounds, she reveals the truth about his past (and she robs him).  It's easy to get drawn in by two of our best performers with a light-and-easy first act, but once it turns to graphic violence it becomes a far less amusing trifle, and then when it decides to get all twisty-turny things just don't add up: there are just too many dumb coincidences to make Betty's last act reveal potent.  Instead of being smart, it just becomes another #MeToo movie with an added-in Nazi connection ... and let's be fair, the two leads are far too good for that.