Always Goodbye

Director: Sidney Lanfield
Year Released: 1938
Rating: 1.5

When her fiancée gets killed in an auto accident (on the way to get married), Margot (Barbara Stanwyck) contemplates suicide, but a stranger (Herbert Marshall) just happens to be nearby and convinces her to not go through with it and give the boy she's pregnant with up for adoption; several years later she winds up on a cruise ship with her young biological son (Johnny Russell) onboard, and realizes she wants him back in her life.  It seems to want to be some kind of love triangle, with Marshall and Cesar Romero vying for her affections, but she and Marshall don't have much chemistry together (he's also too old for her) and she finds Romero's Latin lover caricature to be too aggressive, so most of the movie is her playing around with the insufferable little child (with a grating voice) whose face should be on the box for the Plan B pill.  It wants to make you tear up, but for that to work it had to be at least half-decent in the first place.