Honey Boy

Director: Alma Har'el
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 0.5

As an adult, Hollywood actor Otis (Lucas Hedges) has a problem with the drink (and anger) and finds himself in rehab, where he talks to a therapist (Laura San Giacomo) about his early days as a kid performer (here played by Noah Jupe) and living in and out of hotel rooms with his Vietnam Vet father (Shia LaBeouf) ... who is not the ideal role model.  It's a vanity project for LaBeouf, who wrote the screenplay based on his own life, and it largely acts as a role-playing therapeutic session for him where he gets to slap Jupe around and run through his own dialogue as fast as he can: there's supposed to be some sense of acceptance at the end but I'm not buying it.  You know, Shia, they have people called psychiatrists out there for a reason: they're not all good, but they'll listen to your side of the tale.  That way, you only rant to one person instead of a paying audience.