Director: Ralph Bakshi
Year Released: 1975
Rating: 2.0

Three fast-talking animals from down South, Brother Rabbit (voiced by Philip Michael Thomas), Brother Bear (Barry White) and Preacher Fox (Charles Gordone), venture to Harlem to dabble in organized crime, but run into the Mafia, who don't want them around.  It deals with racism in a very confrontational and aggressive manner - one that might not sit well with today's hyper sensitive audience - as Bakshi dresses it up as an animated parody of a Minstrel Show (Rabbit is just two colors: deep black with bright red lips) which mixes live action and his cartoonish excess.  It's a shame the anger is so deep and raging that it overshadows the story - it barely makes any sort of logical sense, jumping frantically from one idea to another rapidly - but it did give at least one answer to Bakshi's question about what it's like to be 'black in America': "not good."  And that was over forty years ago.