The Philadelphia Experiment

Director: Stewart Raffill
Year Released: 1984
Rating: 1.0

During World War II, the U.S. Navy develops "cloaking technology" to hide their boats, except something goes wrong and two sailors, David (Michael Pare) and Parker (Bobby Di Cicco) jump overboard, travel through a wormhole (or something) and find themselves in the future, where kind Allison (Nancy Allen) tries to help them evade the police.  The effects are tacky, the performances are quite bad (I kept waiting for David-From-the-Forties to call Allison a "dame"), the plot doesn't make an ounce of sense ... and I'm fairly sure any physicist who bothers to watch it nowadays will have to be physically restrained from turning it off.  It is based on a conspiracy theory about the USS Eldridge at the Philly Naval Shipyard that was started by Morris K. Jessup, who had a history of mental problems and wrote about UFOs - no, he didn't contribute to the script ... although he couldn't have done much worse than this.