When We Were Kings

Director: Leon Gast
Year Released: 1996
Rating: 3.0

Up-close documentary about the infamous 1974 "Rumble in the Jungle" fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman - that took place in Zaire - in which Ali was considered an underdog and even individuals like Howard Cosell thought he would get mauled and it would lead to his retirement (spoiler: it didn't).  The bout exists among boxing lore and the story of it has been told many times (plus, there's a bit of filler in here), but to be able to see both men in their relative primes in such an intimate context is vital as a Time Capsule: Ali's showmanship is simply unparalleled, and even though he's viewed as something of 'the villain,' Foreman appears ... well, formidable.  The commentary by two Titans of the 20th century, Norman Mailer and George Plimpton, really gets into the psychology of both fighters, and the documentary owes their insight a great deal of thanks ... ringside, you can see even they were stunned when Ali won the fight.