Comfort and Joy

Director: Bill Forsyth
Year Released: 1984
Rating: 2.0

During Christmastime in 1980's Glasgow, radio personality Alan (Bill Paterson) is emotionally wrecked over his girlfriend leaving him ... and then winds up, inexplicably, in a bitter dispute between two groups of Italian ice cream vendors, the McCools and the Mr. Bunny team.  Leave it to Forsyth to find an off-beat idea and milk it for ninety minutes: it seems to want to be funny but it can't quite do it, and the "attack" on Mr. Bunny headquarters looks like a terrible sketch comedy skit.  It's based, believe it or not, on a true story (!) - in which people were actually killed over dairy products - but you wouldn't know it got that far from this, which is essentially skim milk when it could have been light cream.