Plus One

Director: Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.5

Long time platonic pals from college, bubbly Alice (Maya Erskine) and prickly Ben (Jack Quaid, son of Dennis and Meg Ryan), accompany each other to their friends and associates' weddings and whine about being single: it takes them until halfway (!) through the movie, in a graveyard, that they realize they should be having sex with each other.  I've seen a fair share of canned rom-coms and this one is quite bad - Ben keeps rejecting Alice's advices like a dumbass until the script tells him to do otherwise - and then once they're "together" it pulls the familiar move of making Ben sabotage the relationship if for no other reason to have Alice (a.) go back to her old boyfriend and (b.) have Ben and Alice reunite at yet another wedding, hopefully for good.  The one and only reason to watch this is for Erskine, who's magnetic and fun and can fit in with every crowd (she smokes weed with senior citizens) ... and takes a stock character and makes her a little bit real.